Saturday, January 12, 2008

Amsterdam, Holland - August 24, 2006

Final Day in Europe.

After falling into bed at dawn on 24th at my Amsterdam Hostel, I awoke with a start feeling that I'd overslept and missed my plane. My fear was confirmed when I eyed my watch to see that it was indeed 3:45pm! I shot out of bed in a panic before realizing that I'd misread the hands of my analog watch in my sleepy state and that, in fact, the time was 9:15... am. A mere hour or two since I'd nodded off and plenty of time remaining to catch my 2pm flight. With that heart-stopping attack having cleared the fog from my brain, I checked out of the hostel at a more leisurely pace and strolled along the quiet canals and streets that had been so alive the night before on my way to the train station from whence I'd arrive - and from where I would take the shuttle to the airport for my final departure.

Flight: Amsterdam - Toronto - Vancouver.

Lastly, a few shots from the window of the airplane - mainly as it came in for a landing in Vancouver, BC with the coast mountains piercing the standard layer of overcast clouds that shroud the Lower Mainland.

~Home Sweet Home~
(For Approx. 3 Days)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Amsterdam, Holland - August 23, 2006

Amsterdam: Night-time.

Despite its natural and constructed beauty, which shines most brightly during the day, is fundamentally a night city. Perhaps its because its at that time that the red lanterns of the "red-light" district overcome the warm glow of the sun or the flashy neon decor of the bars, clubs and "coffee" shops illuminate to attract the throngs of late-rising tourists... Whatever the reason, Amsterdam proved to be the city where an all-nighter was just what the doctor prescribed. These photos span dusk until dawn - bridging my last full-day in Europe and the day of my departure. This blog is also dedicated to a sweet Italian friend named Francesca.

Amsterdam, Holland - August 23, 2006

Amsterday: Day-time.

Last stop - Amsterdam. The capital city of my heritage - so to speak - and the cornerstone of progressive thought for centuries (Spinoza comes immediately to mind, despite his persecution here and, of course, the lax laws on marijuana, etc.). A long tour in the Van Gogh museum cut short a lot of potential photographs of the city and its many landmarks and sights. Instead, like Brussels, the photos below capture the cityscape of a modern European city with a wonderful heritage and extraordinary combination of natural and artificial beauty (canals, parks, etc.). Enjoy.